Grasshopper's Grievance


So they tell us, there's (danger in the night)
To stay home and (lock the doors tight)
We worry and (huddle in fright)
Frenzy ensues to (incredible height)
Hysteria reaches (incredible height)

A damsel screams and (the sirens flare)
The villain takes flight, (fast as a hare)
The cops give chase (to no avail)
A hero appears and (he's on the trail)

Grasshopper Green arrives on the scene

The double G cracks a leg and flies through the air, he's the villains plague
Rubbing his shins makes that deafening sound, the ear of sin will ring

Oh No! It's Crickety Crack

Peace is restored in our city so fare
Criminals steal, they wouldn't even dare
When Double G's here, he never can fail
Rest now children while I twist this tale