Me Mersi & El


G D Em C (capo 2)
I never thought I'd have kids
but then there they were
My daughter was Eloquence
I bought her flowers
My first son submersible
The poor kid swallowed a lungful, on the Ohio
He was only 3 year old (repeat)
Grief comes in good company
Grief never goes away
Life is solely up to you
Until it's taken away
We moved on with dignity
We moved on quite well
Fighting crime became the way
Hero family battles hell
So watch out Dr. Identity Theft
We're gonna toll your bell (repeat)
Me and El

Submersible surfaced back to life, after 5 long years
That son of a fish never died
As Eloquence likes to say
Boy drank himself alive
He was out there fightin' evil
On the banks of the Ohio
Assholes dumpin toxic waste
Were shown to have a soul, the hard way

So now we work together
Me, Mersi and El
The world is going to be better
Me, Mersi and El