Saddle Boots (Credits)


Ahem, Please, please people quiet down, quiet down everyone
This album was preserved at Tiny Tears studios in SE Portland, in October 2005.
All tracks were recorded in one or two takes, insuring one or two mistakes, which over time will appreciate.
Loren Zuiderveld is the fellow with the cello
James Dunseth supplied jive on track five
Dean Gorman on pick ups and back ups
Michelle Fifus om screams and vocal schemes
Credit for the edit goes to Nick Zuiderveld who also contributed guitar, beats, rain patter, vocals and found sounds. An ingenuous engineer with an elegant ear.
All songs imagined by John O'Toole except Sin City by Gram Parsons and Till the Morning comes by Neil Young, Man.
Thanks to Grasshopper Green, Wonder Woman and Ben Cartwright for inspiring the album. And of course, thanks for listening. I'm Andy Wex.

I ain't drunk and I'm no cowboy
But I've seen'em on tv
I got no rope, no six shooter
I have no horse or company
I drive a car and work in buildings
I buy groceries and drink black tea
If you think I'm dumb and lazy
You better watch your way round me