The Ben Naylor Song


Intro Bm G Am F
Em Am G D
He's an AWOL sailor - A runaway drinker - A thrifter with the greatest gift
A hunter, fisher, farmer - A determined unemployer - Should've been raised by wolves
Ungraduating schooler - A master of the cooler - Probably build an earthship
And when his mother faltered - That son would never fail her - A kidney he was gonna give
Bm D Em G
He's always on duty for the crisis line
When it comes to troubled teens he makes time
Em Am G D
Listen with amazament - That boy is in the basement - Breakin' chalkin' pocket stickin' ball
An anytime gamer - A must be entertainer - Never met a boring play
A photographic filmer - A moments image catcher - Slinger of ink and lead
Unbiased people taker - An honest lovin' maker - He keeps his heart in his head
Bm D Em G
He's spreading joy with a banjo roll
He's preaching peace with a gracious soul
Em Am G D
Listen now with patience - And I'll try to make sense - Of a man not easily understood
A wanderin' worldly traveler - An impulse sharing giver - Trying to escape the grid
A sockless shoe wearer - A chronic neck picker - Rosy cheeked believer of the beard
A knife and axe obsessor - Portable pub collector - Trying to find a way to live
End on G