Here you can find music by Frontal Q. himself and a variety of (wafer) friends. Definitely check out the audio player below to listen to everything. As more music becomes available, more delicious treats will be posted!

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Thanksgiving & A John Henry Memorial

A wonderfully intimate performance on April 15, 2005 at our friends Dean & Ryan's house. It's Folk-tastic!

A John Henry Memorial

The Flat

(( acoustic explorations culled from a modest mind ))

Amateur Hour [Tiny Tazers; 2004]

Fledglings (Rough Demos)
  1. Alone On A Chair
  2. The Wisp
  3. Plastic Shield

Aleph Null

(( electronic experiments in mundanity designed for the uncritical individual ))

Meticulously Integrating Diverse Inputs


John O'Toole is an aspiring poet and musician, who recently put together an album. We have plans to collaborate on some experimental projects. Check out the craftsman at work...

Not So Far Removed


Heroes and Villains

Heroes and Villains are a great new band from Portland, featuring my good friend Ali Ippolito on the ivories. They're working on an upcoming album, which I'm very excited about, as should you be! Until then, listen to these tracks a few times, or see them live (check for upcoming shows on the shows page).


Dean Gorman

There's this guy, his name's Dean, but not for much longer. Before the transformation is complete, hear this:

Stark Street EP

Gutter Folks

A couple guys playing a couple covers.

The Adeline Sessions

Album Art




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