"Visual Eloquence" by the Pot O'Gold Painters

Pot O'Gold Sessions

Donegal - John O & Dean
Mick Ryan's Lament* - Andy & Ryan
1989 (take 3) - Dean & Susan & John T
Yeah That's Right - John T
Tubes and Bow Susan & John O & The Plastic O'Toole Band
Celtic Jam II - Ken & Russ & Susan & John T
Michael Collins - Andy
Dirty Old Town* - Dean & Susan & John O & Nick
The Ballad of Charlie Starkweather - Dean & Ryan & Chorus (Jess & Anna & Andy & Nick & Russ & Susan & John T & Jared & possibly others)
Whiskey for Breakfast* - Russ & Ken & Susan & John T
We Are Seven - Dean
Vagina A to Z - Ben and the Monologues
Silly Diamonds - Nick
Hate Crimes Against Joe Colling - Rob & Nick & John O & the Gigglers (with cameo appearances by Joe & James & John T) - available upon request
1989 (take 1) - Dean & Susan & John T & Willy & Ryan

*All other songs are originals

Recorded March 18, 2006

For those of you who don't happen to know what this is all about, we held the 1st Annual Paddy's Day Pardy on March 18, 2006 at Nick, James, and John's house in Portland, OR. As it was to be a potluck event, all attendees were requested to bring something musical to share with everyone else. These musical offerings were then recorded and assembled in our very own Stumped Studio. All recordings took place on the day in question, and the album was officially assembled the following day. In addition to the musical recordings, there was a group painting session going on in the basement of the building, the result of which can be viewed at the top of this page (the actual dimensions are 7'x3'). The album covers were also painted and individualized in the basement.

This was a joyous event, as can hopefully be heard in the album! Please give it a listen and start preparing for the next musical potluck!

A Tiny Tazers Production

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