About the Zine

The WaferManeuver Staff

Thank you for choosing to check out the online version of our zine! This is the first issue of what we hope will become a vital series of questionable material. In each issue, be prepared to expect reviews of anything and everything, interviews with humans both famous and insignificant, poetry from Portland's brightest young stars, and regular columns that seek to address controversial issues.

Readers that tire quickly of viewing digitally formatted text should not inconvenience themselves any longer. Shut down your electronic luxury and head to your local zine repository! We have taken a unique approach to zine publishing, providing a fully intact paper edition in addition to this online madness. The paper zine is truly the focus of our efforts, and we urge you to seek one out for yourself! Please contact info @ wafermaneuver.com for more information on how to obtain your own personal copy.

We realize our writing skills are questionable perhaps, and though we can attempt to practice and improve ourselves, there are limitations to our development. If you would like to aid us and send in something to publish, we urge you to do so! The easiest way is to email us directly at submissions @ wafermaneuver.com. Should you wish to contribute in a more monetary way, please contact donations @ wafermaneuver.com for more information.