Wholly Mackerel

Proven and tested views
Outwardly sharing
For all to make use
In conversation and conflict
An investment in convincing rhetoric
A reservoir to resort to 
Where the counterpoint becomes you
Addressing certain issues and mailing them 1st class
A word bubble above your head
Like a comic
A comforting way to be honest
It's in your face
But not your mouth
Seems a higher power
Took the words out
Without consent 
We now have free speech zones
The Fifth Amendment 
A cell phone on roam
But when in Rome 
Condone the drone
As conversation continues to be cloned
And sheepish people walk the street
Unconcerned with what they eat
A complete depletion of originality
It seems the melting pot has become empty
Too many have the same decree
Coming live from MTV 
There has to be a break 
Only so many emotions we can fake
Stoked or sick 
Take your pick 
But please don't put your words 
On a stick
If you do 
Don't let them become you
Speak your mind 
And walk
In your shoes