Today In The News

Wholly Mackerel

Today in the news
Obvious became clear cut
As a soldier died and thousands tied
A ribbon to their bumper 
A curious move in stop and go traffic
A representation so ironic and tragic

Today in the news
Age became a number
As the fountain of youth was unclogged by a plumber
Now a plastic smile, can be achieved
And Britney Spears shoe fits perfectly 
At midriff elementary

Today in the news
Eye contact lost three points
And I-pods gained a 1/2 a percentage
NASDAQ was jonesing for the tao 
and finally the market 
is here and now

Today in the news
We failed to understand
the issue at hand 
passing the blame to the Internet
or a band
Maybe the color black.
In an unrelated story: 40 dead in Iraq

Today in the news 
Sammy slugger 
signed with sweatshop shoes
in another deal 
"Street" brand juice 
offered 20 more steals

Today in the news
There was a merger between
Verizon, Big Tobacco, Dick Chaney's Haliburton and Fox
Creating the VeribigDickfox corporation
The company plans on monopolizing 
reality and addiction
Chaney's prediction 
"People will be smoking, driving, talking on cell phones 
and watching the news."

Today in your mind thousands of ideas are running side by side
the hum of the computer divides your attention the ring tone of your 
cell phone matters Corporate ladders allow you to reach a glass ceiling
While Prozac and Viagra control your feeling
the media is dealing from the bottom of the deck 
I offer this solution with all due respect.

Turn off your TV
Turn on your senses
Smile at someone 
Release all defenses

Peel your views off your bumper
and share them constructively
watch what you use 
and live productively